*Strange* Blood Rituals By A Teen Vampire Clan, Turns Deadly? Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian
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Hi my friends! Happy Monday hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I wanted to talk about vampires, yay. Lol. Fascinating story. My costume was a flop but hey, thats okay! Its just makeup and it washes off haha.
Let me know who you want me to talk about next week! I love and appreciate you so much, and I hope to be seeing you very soon!!
Make Good Choices
Bailey Sarian


: : CHAPTERS : :

20:45 HOWARD
43:33 THE GANG



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  • Bailey Sarian
    Bailey Sarian

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    • ali laureano
      ali laureano

      I really need you to do a MMMM about the Melendez brothers love you stay safe!!!

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      Kayla Pratt

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      Ana Stanley

      When you a Bailey Saroyan Fan, singing your own theme song with you each time ❤️🤣🤣

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      Jackie Blackard

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      kristina ryther

      @Dana LoGiudice I need your help

  • Brooklyn Sim
    Brooklyn Sim

    Video on Yoselyn Ortega, the murderous nanny please!!!

  • Ohlookapan

    I'm from the very same area where this all happened. My mother actually worked with Rod's girlfriend at the time, and said that she was the sweetest person ever--that you wouldn't ever suspect her to be involved in anything odd or nefarious. She told me that she was a hugger and that she always wanted to talk to people that she worked with. I also have a friend who I am in my journalism class with, who's dad actually did interviews about Rod's case and knew him very well. So amazing to see a case from my area! Love your content! :)

  • Jillian Cordeiro
    Jillian Cordeiro

    i think the broken glass in his room may be a reference to SH habits :(

  • B

    The random posing 46:28 😂

  • B

    Sondra’s father never faced any charges or punishment ugh

  • Undīne

    Why do you change your voice so much? Like purposely talk through your nostrils. Great storytelling and makeup skills, but no need to be fake

  • Undīne

    Ngl I liked it better without the theme song 😶

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    Katelyn S. Bolds

    Security system sponsoring Bailey is the most brilliant combo. 🤣

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    Stephanie Eschen

    Hey lady! If you have the time I would highly recommend the series signs of a psychopath on Amazon Prime. Makes for excellent before bed viewing.

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    Karolína Bláhová

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    Elizabeth Jones

    Is there any other way to describe blood rituals other than "strange"!!??! Oh yes there is "disgusting"!!!

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    Please do the shauna Card story Orlando fl.1995

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    Faye Batwoman Price

    @Bailey sarian you should do a story on Danny rolling with the new SCREAM 5 coming out soon its who they loosely based the films off 🥰🥰

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    Genesis Luengo

    25:40 ✨irrevelant✨

  • Miz Mame
    Miz Mame

    Would you consider doing a MMMM on Marie Laveau or a Dark History on the history of New Orleans? I love my city and would like others to know about it. And NOT just the sensationalized Voodoo aspect of it.

  • Melissa Hajdu
    Melissa Hajdu

    I think she's making this up .


    Where did you get you kitty cat ears headband and bumble bee costume???

  • Katie Dugger
    Katie Dugger

    This is my hometown and my favorite thing to tell people about it. I went to Calloway High School and there are teachers who taught him and still won’t talk about it.

  • Kimberly DeShon
    Kimberly DeShon

    I've been waiting for the day you talked about this... I'm literally from Murray, KY and graduated from Murray State and it's a huuuge deal in my town. The cemetery that the cult was said to spend A LOT of their time at is also known to be super haunted and lots of people go there during Halloween to go ghost hunting. AND my cousins actually knew this guy and went to school with him. Rod actually went to my cousin's house to try and get the ride to Florida... CREEPY AF.

  • I_dont_exist😘

    this is my first time watching you and i really like it cause it feels like your on facetime and telling us some drama that happened

  • Amanda Drost
    Amanda Drost

    your alllwayyys cuteee

  • Gazing Toward The Stars
    Gazing Toward The Stars

    Bailey: “when you think of vampires, you think of sharp fangs...” Me: “Mmmmm. K.” Bailey: “turns into a bat...” Me: “Yeah, okay.” Bailey: “And sparkles.” Me: “oh yeah, wait WHAT-“

  • Bee L Z Beeb
    Bee L Z Beeb

    I’m a Brit and I want to take a moment to acknowledge the level of sarcasm you’re hitting in this one 🏅

  • Anu Chownkariya
    Anu Chownkariya

    What a coincidence we were both getting ready as goth girls 🥰

  • alexis Snipes
    alexis Snipes

    im not to far from murray, this is absolutely insane i had no idea😂 i was gonna move there too.

  • Aubrey Anderson
    Aubrey Anderson

    Listening to this story makes me think of those dancing goths under the bridge. Those incredible humans ❤

  • Gia

    I feel like after this video a Dark History episode on vampires and Vlad the Impaler would fit so well. I've seen so many documentaries about this topic but I would love to hear Bailey's version as she always puts a little bit of spice into them :)

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    Rat God

    Of course for this video I get the shudder ad about Elvira

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    Athena Argyropoulos

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    Trish Allain

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    pirate lilac

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  • jasmin5689

    A grew up in Eustis Florida and remember hearing this story told so many different ways so interesting to listen to Bailey tell it

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    were even parts where it would say that if you're losing touch with reality to seek help.

  • Kelly's Corner
    Kelly's Corner

    VTM is amazing. It’s a great game. So fun. As are the newest editions and all the other variations (Mage, Changeling, etc). Just saying.

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    Adrienne Garr

    Bailey: ...cause member last week a child making adult decisions... Me: *nodding* mmmm.hmmm...gurl making adult decisions with consequences. They need to put Rod up underneath the jail honestly 😒

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    Elizabeth Burns

    It's called necrophelia

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    Forever Dreamm’

    I find myself liking your videos before I even watch them ! 😂😂 I love it here ❤️❤️

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    Cecilia Leal

    When you yawned at the end, you made me yawn lol. I didn’t know that could happen thru a screen. Love it.

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    Brooke Dunning

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  • New House at Old Road
    New House at Old Road

    irrevelant? irrelevant. you're so cute!

  • Chenille Valentin
    Chenille Valentin

    Idk if you've already done this one but another interesting story is Richard Chase also known as the Vampire of Sacramento because he'd mutilate his victims bodies and drink their blood.

  • Tiffany Boss
    Tiffany Boss

    Love you so much Bailey!!!! i usually never comment but I do have to say I am disgusted at the fact that Sandra was actually sexually abused by her father and then proceeded to turn around and let him have access to her child knowing who he was and what he did.

  • Joanna De Tricci
    Joanna De Tricci

    spookylicious xD

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    Chel H

    I feel like Rod's mom should have been charged with neglect at very least

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    Melanie Sheldon

    She softens gross, creepy, sad news with how cute and funny she is.🖤🤎💜💙💚💛🧡❤🦄

  • Christina Chhoun
    Christina Chhoun

    Hi Bailey a lot of nursery rhymes are made from dark history like the muffin man was based off the drury lane dicer. Would love to have you cover this or other nursery rhymes. 🙂

    • Bee L Z Beeb
      Bee L Z Beeb

      Ooh didn’t know that one

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    Vanessa Yanez

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    Vanessa Yanez

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    Hi Bailey I am a fan from Myanmar. I used listen to your vd a lot and share about it at my work. My friends, they want to see more detail about it.But they can't understand Eng well. I am so sorry to request you like this, but allow me your vd to translate to my language to post on FB. I will put all credits to you and add your link down below. Kindly reply to it...

  • LazyGift

    Bailey, someone's making a parody of your video. I don't know if it's bad or cool

  • Katie's world
    Katie's world

    Maybe the V symbolized Rods vampire name

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    Brittany Anderson

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    Reckless Is Recording

    I'm laughing out loud because I'm actually playing the table top game VTM 5. We have a TTRPG community which is very friendly, mostly very mature members. So glad we can just be nerds and enjoy some games.

    • Reckless Is Recording
      Reckless Is Recording

      @Bee L Z Beeb awww that's nice

    • Bee L Z Beeb
      Bee L Z Beeb

      I know my sister regularly plays one with her husband and friends

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      Bee L Z Beeb

      I missed the whole craze in the 90s, it always looked so fun

  • Julie Kraynak
    Julie Kraynak

    Hi Bailey! I thought of a case that I don't think you have done. If you look up Dorothy Lewis, she and her 2 small girls were abducted from a winn dixie parking lot on super bowl Sunday 1993 in Eustis Florida. It's a sad story but right up your alley.

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    Agnieszka BabaAga

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    Sum Sum

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    leanna nanney

    Charity was my big sisters best friend she stayed the night almost every weekend. That night my bis sister almost went with them but got caught sneaking out while my mom was pregnant with me . She is out now and we have seen her around. She was a nice girl until she got with rod.

  • Lovin' Mystery (Sheltie Adventures)
    Lovin' Mystery (Sheltie Adventures)

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      dolimi jotoo

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